Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sorcerers & Secretaries by Amy Kim Ganter

Nicole Hayes works a tedious, boring job as a receptionist. Her favorite thing to do is to read fantasy stories. She's even writing one of her own. Josh works at a bookstore. HIS favorite thing to do is make girls think he's interested in them. Josh really is interested in Nicole though, and has been for a while. Nicole wants nothing to do with him. She knows he flirts with every girl that comes along. Josh seeks advice from his playboy roommate, and tries to make Nicole jealous by hitting on her best friend, which of course only drives Nicole farther away. In truth, Nicole does like Josh, but isn't about to start dating someone like that.

I liked this because the girl isn't falling all over the guy when he's acting like a jerk. I feel like that happens a lot in stories. I find myself wondering what on earth the girl sees in him when he's being totally unpleasant. We get to see that Josh and Nicole used to hang out and have fun together, but because Josh is such a flirt Nicole refuses to date him. Good for you Nicole, good for you. You are an example for girls everywhere!

Josh thinks he's acting like a big man, and keeps getting terrible advice from his roommates that only drives Nicole away from him. Nicole also isn't sure if she even wants to be with Josh if he changes. She's writing her fantasy story and wants to focus on it. Josh is determined to show Nicole he really cares, and we'll see if he succeeds in later volumes.

This graphic was done manga-esq style. Not full on manga, but very similar.

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