Sunday, February 13, 2011

Batwoman Elegy by Greg Rucka art by J.H Williams III

Discharged from the army for violating article 125 (homosexual conduct), Kate Kane has found a new way to serve.  With the help of her father, a retired army colonel, Kate becomes Batwoman.  Batwoman is currently after the new leader of a cult who previously tried to have her killed.  As she goes after the leader, who goes by Alice, Batwoman is forced to face her past.

This Batwoman is pretty kick ass.  And practical.  While she's still wearing a catsuit kind of thing, it covers her completely and she isn't wearing spike heels, or heels at all.  She also isn't a skinny little waif with a gigantic chest.  She looks like a real person.  She looks like a solider, which she was until she got kicked out for being a lesbian.  So Batwoman is a Jewish lesbian, and she is awesome.

In Elegy, we have the action of Batwoman fighting against the villain, Alice, who is the new leader of a group that previously tried to kill her.  We also learn about Batwoman's history.  We get to see her experience in the army and what happened, and how she decided to become Batwoman.  We also get to see some of her childhood, and why she and her father are so close.  Kate grew up in the army, with both of her parents as members.  She also had a sister.

Another thing I liked is that it showed all the work Kate had to do to become Batwoman.  It's not like she just threw on a cape and went out to save the world.  It took years of study and training and preparation.

The illustrative style is traditional comic book action hero style, which I liked.  I don't do a ton of comic book reading, so sometimes it was a little hard for me to follow, it's very stylized, but I got the hang of it as it went along.

I liked this a lot, a good action/adventure for high school students.

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