Sunday, February 6, 2011

Isadora Duncan: a graphic biography by Sabrina Jones

In this graphic biography, the thrilling life of Isadora Duncan is told.  Isadora Duncan was the pioneer of modern dance.  She disliked classical ballet, finding it "unnatural."  Isadora wanted to dance her own way, which was inspired by the Greek goddesses.  In bare feet, dressed in a tunic, Isadora danced.  Throughout her life she amazed and scandalized many.  Isadora dreamed of having a school of modern dance, and although it did become a reality, money was always an issue.  Although Isadora's dance was full of joy, she had many tragedies in her life, including the deaths of her children.  Isadora died tragically in a car accident, but her dancing will be forever remembered.

I did not know very much about Isadora Duncan's personal life.  It was fascinating.  Honestly, Isadora came off as a little overbearing, which might have been intentional.  She did have very strong points of views and wasn't especially interested in hearing otherwise.  She did what she wanted.  She didn't let anyone talk her out of something she wanted to do, even if it might be ill advised.  Isadora Duncan was a very strong woman.  She would have to be, to dance they way she did during that time, ignoring what people said about her because she felt the truth in what she did.  A fascinating life.

Jones illustrations are simple black and white drawings that flow across the page.  There were few straight panels or orderly boxes.  The drawings fit well with the tone of the book.

This is an excellent overview of Isadora Duncan's life, appropriate for middle grade students, but also for older students who want to learn more about her.

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