Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Escape from "Special" by Miss Lasko-Gross

Melissa is misunderstood from an early age. Full of sturm and drang, she has a hard time in most 'normal' situations. Melissa is special, and labeled as such much to her detriment. It isn't until she learns to push past the psychobabble that she somehow learns to be at ease with herself.

I enjoyed this book, but I'm having a hard time vocalizing why.

This is a semi-autobiographical book, and you can kind of tell. Parts are so awkward, that they must be real. I like the fact that the character of Melissa is not immediately lovable, her strangeness grows on you like a fungus and you can't help root for her in the end. She's weird, too cerebral for her own good, been psychoanalyzed to bits, and has enough angst to fuel an entire state's worth of middle schoolers; yet you want her to find people to connect to, you want her to succeed (whatever that might be), and at least in my case you aren't really sure why you want those things for her.

Awesome characters, the vignettes are well done, my only problem was the illustrations. Not my favorite. It worked for this, but not super pleasant. The sequel is A Mess of Everything.

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