Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diary of the Black Widow by Bret M Herholz

She's a clever woman, who has understood from an early age that she has the wiles to seduce what she wants from men. She then realizes that she could expedite the process by killing her lovers. Perhaps she was a bit overzealous in her pastime (killing five men at once), as the police are questioning her past. It's only in the last few pages that the Black Widow realizes that perhaps she is not as clever as she thought.

I really enjoyed this. Fantastically funny, the entire thing reminded me of Edward Gorey. Dark humor, 1920s setting, and the artwork; all awesome. Or perhaps it would be more apt to say that this story reminded me a lot of something Masterpiece would do. Regardless this was wonderful, it made me chuckle. It looks like Bret M. Herholz has done a couple more stories along the same line as this one, and I would love the get my hands on The Adventures of Polly and Handgraves: A Sinister Aura. Well done Mr. Herholz, well done.

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