Monday, February 28, 2011

Indiana District Removes 'Tyrell' From Elementary Schools

So my first question is, why was Tyrell in an elementary school in the first place?  It's a YA book, yes?  The article says that the librarian was ordering books for Black History Month and it was on the list.  Some elementary schools go up to 5th grade, but this is a book geared for high school students.  It doesn't seem like a good choice for an elementary school library.  That being said, I don't like how the parent handled it.  Instead of making a request to the library and the school board to have the book removed, she went to her lawyer who took it right to the media.  It seems like the intention was less about having the book removed than it was about making a scene.  Then the book was removed without a formal request, which I think was a poor choice on the part of the school board.  They should have made the parent file a request like everyone else, and then had their usual process for deciding if it should be removed or not.  Now the parent has more ammunition if she wants to go on to public libraries, which is mentioned.


  1. Girl, it's a virus. There are a few parents here that regularly bypass the set procedure in order to sneak attack and make a scene. I'm going to stop now or I'll end up ranting incoherently. Count your blessings it hasn't infected your school yet.

  2. This seems to be a prevalent problem in school and public libraries. It's a shame that procedure cannot be followed; instead it's the wheel the shrieks the loudest that is taken into account when it comes to the school board. :/


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