Review Policy

We are happy to receive review advance reader copies of books or e-books. Our preferred genre is anything YA, though we gave been known to read an 'adult' book every now and then. We love graphic novels of any kind, especially if there are some kick-ass girls involved. 

Having said this, we do not guarantee a review of every book we receive, but we do make an effort to read every book.  In an effort to be true to our readers and our librarian roots we are very honest in our opinions.  If we love something, we'll say so, but if we dislike something, we will say that as well.  We will try to be as constructive as possible, but these reviews do relate our personal opinions. It should be known that we are all sarcastic people and like to share our sense of humor with our readers.

We can be contacted at wanderinglibrarians (at) gmail (dot) com.
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