Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nerds Heart YA Books!

I don't think Arianna has mentioned the fact that she and I have been chosen to judge the first round of 2011 Nerds Heart YA Book Nominations.* Super fun right? The best part is that anyone may nominate a book!

The criteria is as follows:

  • Have been published between Jan 1st 2010 and Dec 31st 2010
  • Contain significant characters that fit into at least one of the seven categories of under represented groups that the Nerds Heart YA organisers have identified, or have been written by an author who comes from within one of these groups of people
  • Be young adult fiction
  • Be a book that you feel has been under represented by book blog coverage
  • Please go forth and nominate.

*We're supposed to add a disclaimer that says that just because we've been notified that we're first round judges and you have not heard, that doesn't mean that you aren't going to be a judge. They just haven't gotten to responding to you yet. Be patient.


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