Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cat Burglar Black by Richard Sala

K, who has grown up in an orphanage, has been invited to attend a boarding school run by her aunt, who she never knew she had.  Upon arriving at the school, K finds that there are only three other girls...and that her aunt is mysteriously laid up in bed, with the strict Mrs. Turtledove in charge.  K soon realizes she hasn't been brought here to go to school.  She has been brought to join The Obtainers, a gang of thieves, who tell K that her parents were once one of them.  K and the other girls are forced to help The Obtainers steal a series of pictures, that once put together, will reveal the location of a secrete treasure.  The four young girls set out on their mission, but begin to disappear one by one.

This was a fun graphic.  There wasn't a whole lot to it, really.  The orphanage K grew up was run by a thief and taught them all how to steal stuff (kind of like Oliver Twist), and then she is brought to this school and finds out her father was one of The Obtainers, which K finds very upsetting, of course as she's always pictured her deceased parents as wonderful upstanding citizens.  It also turns out that her father might not be dead at all, but rather "disappeared" years ago.  The book ends abruptly, so I'm sure there will be sequels coming.

It was light and fun and a great choice for younger middle grade who like mystery.


  1. I do not know much about graphic novels. These reviews have been helpful for me to learn about the genre.


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