Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brian Jacques 1939-2011

I have liked Brian Jacques' Redwall series for about fifteen years now. As a librarian, I respected the fact that he was an author that believed that kids are intelligent and could handle dark plot lines. I was able to hear him speak a few years ago and he was so engaging and delightful and British, exactly how I wanted him to be.

I'm sad to say that he died Saturday, suddenly after having emergency surgery. He was only 71. All I can do is think on a passage from the first book I read of his:

"I have seen it all before, many times, and yet I never cease to wonder. Life is good, my friends. I leave it to you. Do not be sad, for mine is a peaceful rest."
- Abbott Mortimer from Redwall by Brian Jacques


  1. It's a sad day that sees the passing of a great author!

  2. I love this, Anna. My mom read me Redwall when I was probably ten and I've been an enormous fan ever since.


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