Saturday, February 19, 2011

Re-Gifters by Mike Carey, Sonny Liew, and Marc Hempel

Dixie's life has always focused on the martial art of hapkido. It's where she's met all her friends, her life philosophies have come from, and she met her first major crush. Unfortunately her perspective has opened up, and she's begun to worry about her dad's unemployment, her social standing outside of hapkido, and therefore lost her self-awareness and the balance she had. Her fighting has taken a turn for the worse, she's caught out past her curfew, and she just spent the $200 meant for a place at a national tournament on a gift for cutie Adam. What will it take for Dixie to re-focus and understand that some things are better the second time around?

I read this one before I read Clubbing, and when I first read it I thought, "Adorable! What a delightful little story." After reading Clubbing, and my mind was a bit blown by how good that was, my thoughts became more, "Huh. Well, it as still a sweet story." More of a conciliatory pat on the head. I don't want to say that I didn't like this book. I just felt that it went for a ton of cliches that it didn't need to. This would be excellent for someone in seventh or eighth grade. Or if you're looking for something that is super light and fluffy that you don't need to think about later.

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