Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

Yes, of course I read it. It's free online, it just came out yesterday and I read it today in like an hour. Yes, of course there are other things I could be reading. My list is gigantic. But Stephenie Meyer called me, and I answered.

What? You have no memory of anyone named Bree in the Twilight books? Me neither. So to refresh: remember in Eclipse, at the end, when the plot finally shows up and all the newborn vampires lead by Victoria and her boy-toy Riley come to kill Bella because Victoria is still out for revenge from when Edward killed James? She was one of the newborns. She surrendered, so Carlisle didn't kill her. Then the Volturi show up and kill her. Then end.


Bree was living on the street when she was caught and made into a vampire by Riley. She's been living in a basement with 22 other vampires for three months, annoyed as anything because all the other vampires are STUPID and keep killing each other. She is different. She is sensible. Diego, also sensible and not stupid goes hunting with her one night. They discover that vampires can actually go out into the sun without burning up and realize that Riley has been lying to them. Why would he lie? Why? Diego and Bree (who by this time, like 20 pages in, heart each other) follow Riley to see what is up and discover that Riley has gone to talk to her (they don't say Victoria's name, they all fear her), and that they have been created to be soldiers in some kind of war. Then the Volturi show up, make it clear they would be delighted if the newborns take out the yellow-eyes (Cullens), and off we go to war. Diego stays behind to tell Riley about the whole OK-to-go-out-in-the-sun thing, but doesn't come back. Riley says he's gone ahead to spy, but Bree isn't so sure. She wants to find Diego and convince him to run off with her as she just realized that she doesn't have to hang around with all these other idiots.

So after the newborns go to war and all die in about half a page and Bree surrenders, not because she's afraid, but because she's realized that Diego has been dead THE WHOLE TIME (I mean, dead dead, not like vampire dead) and she just doesn't care, kill her too, she refers to one of the vampires as "the red-head." And I had no idea who she was talking about. Then I realized that she was talking about Edward. Does Edward have red hair? In all the times that Bella describes him (approx.: 1 million) I don't recall her ever saying his hair is red. Did she? But then, Bella would never describe Edward as a "red-head." She would wax poetic about how his hair is the color of flames in the setting sun, or something.

In conclusion: A quick read, and interesting. When you read the two pages of Eclipse that Bree is in she just seems like a half crazed, uncontrolled newborn, which she actually isn't. At all. If you've read Twilight you know you're going to read this one anyway so I think I'll leave it at that.

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