Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You have been warned...

Currently I am in the Midwest visiting family. It's great as it means that I can hang out and recover from the whirlwind that was the ALA conference and getting up at 3:30am to get to the airport this morning (please excuse any misspelled words or just plain nonsense the rest of the post as I am extremely tired). Don't think that we're going to be falling off the radar now that we're done with the D.C.! We're continuing to wander around, whether it be a different region of the country, a different continent, or the theater down the street.

I do feel like I should give everyone a little heads up though and I feel like I speak for everyone; i.e. me, Arianna, and Jamie; in saying that we are going to be taking a little break to catch up on sleep and start in on our large stacks of advance reader copies (ARCs). So we are probably not going to be posting for a couple of days. Start looking for stuff at the stuff of next week. I personally am hoping to post a book review every other day until I am back in MA.

Keep checking back, and since we are school librarians here's a little homework: What would you like for us to start focusing on? Would you like more book reviews? Book talks? Book suggestions? Library stuff? Travel chat? What's going on wither you? Help us help you.

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