Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Funnniest Part of the Whole Event

Every year, one of the events that draws a HUGE crowd at ALA is ... yes, you guessed it... the Book Cart Drill Team Competition. WHAT?!?!? You don't know what a book cart drill team is... well you are in luck, because I am about to enlighten you.

A book cart drill team is a group of library and/or information professionals who train tirelessly for months choreographing and rehearsing a routine using book carts.

Yes, this is a real thing.

The 2010 Contest was hosted by two of the funniest and most talented children's authors and MCs extraordinaire: Mo Williems and Jon Scieszka -- and they were HILARIOUS. My favorite part was when Mo started throwing stuffed Knuffle Bunnies into the audience. The crowd went wild.

This year's contestants were:

  • Get Down With Your Funky Shelf
This team was from Pennsylvania and performed their book cart routine to 80s hits. Their vibrant outfits and difficult book cart moves made their lead-off performance one that might have had the other contestants shaking in their boots.
  • The Texas R-angers
This baseball-themed performance was was an homage to both the sport and to reading. Even though the letters R, E, A, D (one on each book cart) never actually spelled "read" when the carts were in formation, the team's professionally made jerseys with sequins and all made up for it. Also, when the drillers began tossing packages of crackerjacks into the crowd, the audience roared!
  • The Night of the Living Librarians
For the first time ever, a team of library students (ones from Pittsburgh University) competed. Their "living dead" theme was clever and they actually had real dance moves. Very impressive.
  • The Delaware Diamonds
The 2007 BCDT champions returned to reclaim the top prize. Dressed as members of the Micky Mouse Club, the Diamonds were entertaining and back in the book cart game for sure!

Now see for yourself!

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