Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 1: Off to an Awesome Start

OMG, the most WONDERFUL thing has happened! But first I have to back track and set the scene before I can tell you about the WONDERFUL thing.

So where we're staying is about an 8 minute walk to the metro and then a quick ride to the convention center. Very convenient. A very nice lady at registration offered to take our picture, she was handing out fliers for a Contemporary European Fiction in Translation Program. It's on Sunday, in the Renaissance Washington West Room, if you happen to be around. So here is Anna and I all name tagged up ready to go!

We headed in to the exhibits. It's so much bigger then it was at Mid Winter! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was also starting to feel that need for books. Any books. They're right there! I want them! All of them! Even though we talked about how we can't take everything, it has to fit in the car. That's for the best, because otherwise things could quickly get out of control.

We picked up a few things, but mostly just scoped things out and planned where we want to go back to later. Jamie took a moment to pose with a bear:

AND THEN, we were at Simon & Schuster. And there, For Display Only, was Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld, the sequel to Leviathan. I immediately picked it up and asked Christine, the Simon & Schuster lady who had come over to assist us, if it was going to be available. She said probably on the last day. Anna and I were disappointed, since we have to leave fairly early on Monday. Christine asked us if we'd read the first one, and we squeed for a while over how awesome it was and how much we loved it. AND THEN SHE GAVE US EACH A COPY! Yes! We both have a copy of Behemoth and it is the best thing ever! Huzzah! We were seriously on the verge of hugging Christine, but hugged each other instead. Then we snuggled our books:

The exhibits closed at 7:30, so we headed out, but we felt like we did pretty well. Now we're going to plan for tomorrow. Yes, Anna is going to let me plan ahead.

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  1. It kinda looks like an anime's books! You guys look like you're having fun! :)

    Enjoying the posts!!


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