Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ALA Conference Preview in Library Journal

Luckily, a [to remain unnamed] local public library's copy of LJ was accidentally delivered to my office and our wonderful assistant left the copy on my desk. This was utterly convenient, as we librarians are wandering off to DC in less than two weeks, and Library Journal published a "conference preview" this month.

In June's issue, you can find a list of the conference's presentations sorted by topic, which I found super easy to browse, and on page 30 and 31, there is a two-page spread of the authors and celebrities presenting at the "Auditorium Speaker Series." I found LJ's layout of conference events and activities SO much easier to navigate than ALA's conference site (no offense, ALA).

In addition, the spread includes restaurant suggestions and map of DC! Very helpful!

For anyone else heading out to DC, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a look at LJ's spread, and for those of you who can't attend (which according to the article is many of you), this is a wonderful way to see all that will be going on at the conference, and perhaps who to contact, if a certain presentation/presenter is of specific interest to you!!!

Stay tuned for more posts from the road.

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