Sunday, June 27, 2010

What we are doing today

So while standing in a twenty minute line for coffee, I am going to try and post what we are up to today. Yesterday was excellent, as Arianna said Toni Morrison was amazing! We will try and top it today:
  • Grace Lin
  • Candace Fleming
  • Katherine Paterson
  • Ally Condie
  • Auditorium Speaker Dave Isay
  • John Green & David Levithan
  • Julia Alvarez
  • Laura Numeroff
  • Linda Sue Park
  • PLA President’s Program Will Shortz
  • Francisco Stork
  • Libba Bray
  • ALA President’s Program Libraries Wanted: Dead or Alive
  • Book Cart Drill Team
My friend Cody is speaking today in room 145B, I am guessing that it starts at 2 or 2:30. I unfortunately can't go see him. But Cody, if you see this: good luck I am sure that you'll be awesome. We will update in a couple hours. If you're here, I hope that you have fun and may the ARCs be with you; and if you're home, you can always borrow one of mine!

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