Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy ALA Eve!

So I'm all packed and geared up for our travels tomorrow. Arianna and I will be joined by Jamie tomorrow for our 7am departure for D.C. We've got our audio-book selected, iPod playlists created, and snacks at the ready. I should also mention that this trip has a theme song (like all good trips should), check it out as it is AWESOME! How can you not be ready for hours on end talking about books, librarianship, and servicing the community with that song in your head? I dare you to try it.

Though I have managed to delay Arianna's need to pre-plan our entire trip before we've even gotten into the car, we do have a couple of things picked out that we're definitely going to:
  • The exhibit opening
  • Book cart drill team
  • Author David Small
  • The graphic novel tent
There's more, but I can't slog my way through all the papers that Arianna has to choose. Of course we are also going to be hitting up the exhibit hall pretty frequently, nothing like a good advance reader copy of a book to sit poolside with. Of course what I really covet is a copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins or Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld, but I highly doubt that I'll be able to get my hands on them. It would be life-altering if I could though.

Anyways, we're prepping our long journey with non-dairy pizza and Twlight. We're going to try and get an early start tomorrow (after getting coffee) and then we'll be off like a herd of turtles! Arianna and I will be co-piloting and Jamie giving her support by napping and reading. Awesome.

Safe travels everyone! I hope you all have a most excellent time, please check back for updates on what we've done and seen.


  1. The fake cheese did not work out so well. The vegetable part was nice though.

  2. I made it to DC after 1.5 hours of teeth-rattling flight; somehow I picked the worst time of the week (thunderstorm-wise) to fly! It is hot and steamy here so I hope everyone packed tank tops AND sweaters (for those air-conditioned spaces we'll be inhabiting for the next four days). See you at the exhibits!

  3. We made it here after a 9.5 hour ride! It went pretty well except for the hour in traffic. We went to the exhibits tonight, it so much bigger then in Boston!


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