Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not Your Mom's Graphic Novels

Arianna and I presented at the ALA poster session today. It was a little over an hour and a half of us making conversation about graphic novels, girls, and collection development. We had a rather pretty poster and we had a great mix of people stop by and speak to us about our topic. There was never really a moment when there wasn't at least one person that we chatted to about graphic novels and girls.

Whether it was just title recommendations, graphic novel history, or our own interest in the topic, we had a wide range of people coming up to us from different libraries and backgrounds. Fun times. It was quite nice to hear others support our topic and validate the importance of it.

I also got asked whether or not we had been published at all, which obviously we haven't other than on this blog, and it's led Arianna and I to start talking about where we want to go next with this topic. Perhaps this poster session will lead to bigger things...


  1. The poster looks fantastic! Also, huge. I'm glad to hear the presentation went so well!

  2. Thanks, we were pretty pleased with everything. Especially our huge poster.

  3. You should definitely consider expanding your work into something you could publish. There's such a dearth of published material on the subject, even though there's a ton of literature about every other aspect of comics. And there's definitely the interest.

    I'm envious of your awesome time at ALA.

    1. Thanks Roy, we're definitely going to be looking into that. It's nice to know that we're supported by people.


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