Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Exhibits: Day Two

Day two: things get serious.  I was very controlled my second day in the exhibits.  I only came away with 12 books, which is way better then some other people, who will remain nameless, did.

 Sherman Alexi, author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

Brian Selznick, author of Wonderstruck and has an essay in the new book The Letter Q: Queer Writers: Notes to their Younger Selves.

David Levithan.  Also has an essay in The Letter Q: Queer Writers: Notes to their Younger Selves. 

 Barry Deutsch, author of the graphic novel Hereville.  I told him he was fabulous, he told me I was fabulous.  I'm pretty sure that makes us friends.

Melissa Marr. Her new book is Carnival of Souls.

 Jack Gantos!  Squee!  Author of Dead End in Norvelt.

 Susan Cooper, author of The Dark is Rising.

Marie Lu, author of Legend and the soon to be released Prodigy.  Penguin and I were in a bit of a fight, because they made me stand on an incredibly long and slow moving line (Marie likes to chat with people it seems) to get an ARC, and in order to get one you have to buy Legend.  I thought that was kind of jerky and was debating whether or not I was actually going to do this.  It ended up not mattering, because I didn't have time to wait on the very long slow moving line because I had a poster session to get to.  Then I went back later and asked for Prodigy and was given it.  So yay!

 Allen Say, author of Grandfather's Journey and many other amazing picture books.

Kendare Bake, author of Anna Dressed in Blood and its sequel.

I also went over to the Graphic Novel and Gaming Stage where a bunch of graphic novel writers and illustrators whole all worked on an anthology called Mystery Box were going to speak.  Only their publisher who knew what was going on and was going to run the panel never showed up, so they decided to answer questions and do a reading of a piece by Amulet's Kazu Kibuishi.  They projected the pages on to the screen, Dave Roman did sound effects and three people from the audience provided the voices of the characters.  
I was the voice of the computer.  

I was trying to go for a HAL Space Odyssey kind of voice, but Jamie said it sounded like I was doing a sexy computer.  It was fun!

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