Monday, June 4, 2012

Nola's Worlds: Changing Moon by Minikim, Mariolle, and Pop

Nola lives in perfect yet boring Alta Donna, she just wants a little excitement in her life. Something to take her mind off of her dismal social life, horrible educational career, and the fact that her parents are completely uninvolved in her life. This starts to change when she decides to give herself an assignment: find out who the mysterious siblings Damiano and Ines are. But as she gets to know them, especially Damiano, Nola begins to notice more strange things about them.

I enjoyed this, you can tell it's got plans for more depth and development. The entire thing was just a tease though. Nothing was really fleshed out, you just got the surface view of the aspects of the story. Yet, SO INTRIGUED! Who are Damiano and Ines? What do they do? Who is the mysterious man trying to get them and why does he have weird doll minions? Will Nola's mother get a clue and actually become involved with her daughter instead of being an extreme absentee mother? The artwork is super fun, and I'm totally reading the next couple books. Awesome.


  1. Ah I HATE books that tease you! I get so frustrated!! Sure, a little teasing is fine, but when they never actually give you answers its really annoying ... not sure what to make of this book ... what genre is it?


    1. I usually hate that too, but I think there's just so much going on in this that when you realize that you don't have your questions answered you have a new question to focus on. I would say it's a mix of action and fantasy right now. I'm going to guess there's going to be some romance elements in it eventually.


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