Sunday, September 18, 2011

Freshman: Tales of 9th Grade Obsession, Revelations, and Other Nonsense by Corinne Mucha

Annie starts off her freshman year of high school convinced (thanks to her older brother) that her first year of high school will determine the rest of her life.  While she makes a new best friend, she also discovers that she’s terrible at sports, she’s in love with said new best friend’s older brother, and her attempt at being in the school play lands her the part of an ugly, whinny old women.  Things never seem to go Annie’s way as she struggles to make it through her freshman year in one piece. 

Poor Annie.  Things got off to such a crappy start for her.  Her best friend since childhood has gone Goth and won't speak to her anymore.  Luckily she still has very friend Richie to start the year with.  While some things go right, like meeting Katrina in her first period class who becomes her best friend.  Other things, like field hockey and trying to talk to her previous friend do not. 

After a disastrous field hockey season, Annie is convinced to try out for the school play, and is delighted that Katrina's older brother, Luke is also there.  Too bad for her super mean, mean girl Veronica is all over him, and then they start dating. 

While most of the action is centered around Annie, we also get to see Richie's year, and how he also makes a new friend, Zane.  Richie experiments with being in a film club and joining Zane's band (which Annie eventually ends up joining too, after the play). 

By the end, Annie is feeling much more confident after having a successful singing gig at the freshman dance, and although she isn't any closer to dating Luke, at least he broke up with Veronica!  The door is left open for more exciting adventures from sophomore year. 

Corinne Mucha's style of art is simple drawings in black, white and green with little detail.  The art did nothing for me, but the story was funny enough that I didn't mind.

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