Thursday, September 1, 2011


Another school year. Another year for many librarians with cut or no budgets at all. From the New York Times.

Something else for school and public librarians can look forward to this year: book challenges.  From USA Today.

Maggie Goes on a Diet is causing a bit of a kerfuffle in the book world.  Interesting to think about that if people weren't up in arms about, no one would have ever heard of this book.  From Salon.

Boys and Reading: Is There Any Hope?  From The New York Times.

Something is missing from YA dystopia fiction.  Philip Reeve says it's humor.  From SLJ

This is possibly the most reasonably-toned article on a book being removed from a recommended reading list that I've ever read.  From ABC News.

Fond memories of Harry Potter.  From The New York Times.

I'm really liking the redesigned covers for the Uglies series.  Way better than the generic girls face on the covers.  From SLJ.

Yay!  Snape has been voted the favorite character of Harry Potter!  From The Guardian


  1. Whoa, Maggie Goes On A Diet? This is the case where bad publicity = good publicity. Don't like it? Ignore it!

  2. I agree. No one would know about it if there wasn't so much publicity.


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