Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Amazon may be considering a "Netflix for books."  So...a library.  A library that costs money.  "But Arianna!" you cry, "You have to drive to the library to get the book and then drive back to return it!"  Yes.  Yes you do.  But it's free.  "But Arianna!" you continue, "you don't know if the book you want is going to be there, and what if your library doesn't have the book you want?"  It's called an online catalog and interlibrary loan.  It's really quite wonderful.  You should try it.  Well played Amazon.  Way to cash in on people never wanting to leave their houses.

No, no, I can sort of see the appeal.  Sort of.  I assume it would be primarily through the Kindle?  Although, if they set up the Kindle library-lending like they said they would, that kind of defeats the purpose.  Nope.  Still WTF. 

Libraries =  free books, movies, audio books, CDs, video games, etc.  IT'S FREE PEOPLE!


  1. I'm sorry, WHAT??? I am reminded of a time when there were subscription libraries in which people had to pay a fee in order to use the resoures within the library. I thought we'd moved far, far, FAR beyond those days, but perhaps Amazon wants to return to those times. :/

  2. OK, I'm a librarian too, but....but I LOVE this idea. Because here is the thing: libraries only have so many seats for digital copies, and if you live in a city where the budget for libraries keeps getting cut (ahem, Seattle), and you work or have kids, there aren't a lot of available times to go to the library. My library is closed Fridays, Sundays, Monday and Tuesday mornings, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. So the only time I can go is Saturdays, and sometimes I can't *get* to the library on Saturdays. I'd much rather check everything out from the lbirary and donate that money direct to them, but despite mine and many others' donations, most Seattle libraries are open almost never when working people can go. Sad.

  3. People don't understand the value of the library. They are a godsend at our house, free books, movies and even music. I hardly rent movies or even buy books because of the awesomness that is libraries.

    Happy Wednesday.

  4. I like the idea since I primarily use my kindle. And the fact that my library is ... well, sad.. makes it more appealing.

  5. I do understand the convenience factor, people have busy lives! And it's sad but true the libraries just aren't open as much as is convenient for many people.

  6. I understand the convenience too, but I'll pass. I love my library and should probably use it more than I do now.


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