Monday, April 30, 2012

Update: Chopsticks

You guys!  Do you know what I just found out?  And by "found out" I mean "was tipped off too?"  And man, it makes this book about 600 times cooler than I thought it was!  However, it will involve a lot of spoilers, so just be forewarned.

 OK, so I reviewed Chopsticks back in March and was not a big fan.  I thought the medium used was really cool but found the story unsatisfying and didn't understand the ending.

It turns out that I in fact had no clue what was going on!  Another reader left a comment on my Goodreads review simply saying that Francisco wasn't real.  That's what the clues in the last chapter meant.

"What?"  I thought.  "He wasn't real?  What clues?"  And so I went back and looked at it again.  I went through the whole thing twice.  And he was totally right!

Glory completely made up Francisco.  He was never there at all.  All the drawings he supposedly was doing are actual Glory's.  The stationary that the letters from his school is the same stationary that the Golden Hands Rest Facility uses.  So when "Francisco" was having a hard time at school, it was really Glory who was feeling trapped at the rest facility.

It makes going back and looking at the pictures where Glory, Francisco and Glory's father are all together.  He's not actually looking at his daughter and her new boyfriend with concern, he's concerned because Glory is laughing with someone who isn't there.

See?  So much cooler!  Makes so much more sense and I now have a lot more respect for this book about how things came together in the end.

Thanks Goodreads commenter!

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