Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The Fault in Our Stars has already been picked up to be a movie.  From Deadline.com

Okay for Now wins SLJ Battle of the Kids Books. 

Amusing Hunger Games PSAs.  From College Humor.

The Hunger Games is inspiring kids to take archery.  From Jezebel.

Awww!  I want someone to ask me out in a cleverly literary way!  From Mandee the Dreamer

We can expect to see lots more YA books turned in to movies with the success of The Hunger Games.  From LA Times.

So apparently Margaret Wise Brown doesn't really like children.  That's why she wanted them to go to sleep.  From Salon.

Damn!  I should have waited for the Wonder Woman Chuck Taylors!  From The Beat

Cool!  Womanthology will be an ongoing series.  From The Beat.

Women in Comics on Pinterest by Heidi MacDonald.

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