Thursday, April 19, 2012


Renee Hobbs seeks change in law to allow teachers to copy DVDs for classroom use.  From The Digital Shift.

There's now a children's choice award for best STEM picture book from School Library journal.

At long last, Pottermore is finally, finally open to everyone.

I just think this is awesome.  From PW.

The Huffington Post theorizes what books in 2012 will take the place of The Hunger Games.

And speaking of The Hunger Games, Gary Ross will not return to direct Catching Fire.  The new director will have his work cut out for him. Or perhaps one these female directors?  From The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times and The Mary Sue.

I am unimpressed with The Atlantic's "The Greatest Girl Characters of Young Adult Literature."  First of all, half of what's on the list isn't YA, and second, the writer of this article clearly hasn't been doing a lot of recent reading of YA, aside from The Hunger Games.

An interview with Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.  From

Guys read Judy Blume too.  From Jezebel. 

This makes me sad: "Lois Lane, Girl Reporter: The Awesome Comic that Never Was and Probably Never Will Be."  Stupid big comic book industry.  From The Mary Sue.

Noelle's Hunger Games comics are adorable.

And finally, haven't you wondered what it would be like if Mean Girls collided with The Hunger Games Your question is now answered.

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