Monday, May 14, 2012

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughin

Will Scarlet is a well known thief, a part of the much loved and vilified troop of thieves led by Robin of Locksley. As Will, Little John, Much, and Robin steal from the rich to give to the poor, Will Scarlet must also deal with the ongoing secrets that he lives with: he is actually a she and she has a past that is catching up to her like the hangman's noose. As she deals with a confrontation with thief catcher Guy of Gisbourne, she must also pick through the conflicting emotions she has for Robin and the attentions of Little John.


Scarlet was such an incredible, deep, layered character. She was thoughtful strong, and best of all realistic. She was not a wilting flower pretending to be a boy, Scarlet was fully committed to her ruse and was rather disgusted by the idea of skirts and flirtation. That's not to say that she isn't sympathetic to the female plight. She has a back story that unfolds beautifully and naturally, kind of like her feelings for Robin and her confusion about Little John.


When I started reading this I was a bit confused and disappointed about Maid Marian's absence, little did I know that A.C. Gaughen had it completely under control. I will say that Marian and Scarlet's stories coincide, and that Scarlet's background ties everything together beautifully. As in way better than I ever expected, or better than I think anyone else could have told this story. Scarlet's conflicts develop naturally, and her confusion is presented beautifully.

While this is really focused on Scarlet's development and growth as a person, I loved how each character was portrayed: Little John as the swarthy flirt, Much as a frustrated seemingly helpless boy, and Robin as a conflicted, sensitive, and driven young man.

Man. I wish I had more to say. Have you ever noticed that books that you really really like you have less to say about? That's how I am with this, it was just so good. I can't encompass how fantastic it was. Go and read it and then you'll understand too. IT WAS AWESOME!

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