Thursday, February 2, 2012

Takio by Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming

Taki cannot stand her annoying little sister Olivia, who follows her and her friend Kelly around everywhere.  One night, Taki and Olivia go to visit Kelly, and end up in the middle of an explosion caused by Kelly's scientist father.  Now Taki and Olivia have unusual powers, and Kelly's father is after them!  Will the girls fight back and use their powers for good?

Such fun!  I'm really looking forward to seeing where this series goes.  There's lots of mysterious stuff going on beside the main plot.  Taki is adopted, and her mother is incredibly overprotective of Olivia, blaming Taki for anything bad that might happen to her, down to a skinned knee.  Olivia says it's because of their dad.  Where is their dad?  What happened to him?  There are no clues so far.

Kelly's mother has also recently left, seemingly right after her father loses his job again.  It's not clear exactly what Kelly's father was working on before it exploded, or the full reason Kelly's mom left when she did.

Olivia is adorable.  I loved that she was totally in character as the second grader she is.  She's all, "We have superpowers?  Cool!  Let's make costumes!  Can we fight bad guys?"  Taki, on the other hand, is torn up about what to do.  Should she tell their mother?  Do they need to go to a doctor?  As annoying as she finds Olivia, she's pretty protective of her too and doesn't want anything bad to happen.  It isn't until Taki realizes that bad stuff is going to happen anyway (what with a crazy guy after them) that she agrees to embrace her powers and fight against the bad guys!  And let her little sister make costumes.

I don't like the art style that much.  It's very angular and sharp.  At times regardless of whether a character is evil or not, everyone can look warped and creepy.  The color is flat and dingy.

Despite that, I thought this was a great start to the series.

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