Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So there's some controversy about YALSA's "Booze for Books" fundraiser.  Mainly the word "booze."  Also if money is being raised for young people drinking should not be involved.  My personal feelings: Raising money for at-risk kids is good.  People who work in the library field are going to be of legal drinking age.  Most people can handle drinking responsibly.  "Booze" maybe wasn't the best word choice, as of course it's going to make people clutch their pearls in distress.  From SLJ.

Gender swap comic book covers.  Really interesting.  Makes the point pretty clearly.  From The Beat.

The Oscars are this Sunday, and there are six book-to-movie adaptation up for best pictures.  Find out what the authors are working on now.  From PW.

School libraries are in danger of major budget cuts in 2013.  From SLJ.

Happy 50th birthday to the ever fabulous A Wrinkle in Time.  From PW.

If you've never read A Wrinkle in Time, check out Faith Erin Hick's comic of it to get caught up.  From tor.com.

Parent & Child magazine selects the top 100 children's books.  It's an interesting mix, especially since the age ranges from infants to 11+.  From Scholastic.

Daniel Radcliffe shares writing tip and tells us his favorite childhood book.  

10 reasons nonreaders don't read - and how to change their minds.  From Scholastic.

A little more on Newbery winner Jack Gantos.  From Boston.com.

Top 10 young adult fantasy books you should read.  By "you" they mean "adults."  From The Huffington Post.

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