Monday, February 13, 2012

Significance by Shelly Crane

Maggie's life is a mess. Maggie's mother left the family in August, her father has lost his job and emotionally shut down, her long-term boyfriend broke up with her right after Maggie's mom left, and Maggie has become so apathetic that she's surprised that she passed enough of her classes to graduate. She is alone and she feels that there's no what out. This changes right after Maggie saves the life of an attractive boy; their eyes meet and all of a sudden they're connected. Maggie discovers that the Caleb's family is special, when they find their soul-mate, a significant, they 'ascend' and they receive a special magical ability. Maggie is Caleb's significant. As their bond becomes stronger and closer, Maggie must deal with Caleb's cousin's flirtation, her ex-boyfriend's sudden renewed interest, her father's sudden overbearing involvement in her life, and a horrible enemy set out to destroy her and the one she loves.

I would first off like to say THANK MOSES I ONLY PAID 99 CENTS FOR THIS CRAP-TASTIC BOOK! Crap-tacular. Crap-errific. If only it were free... This was ridiculously sappy and teen-angsty in the worst way. I feel like Shelly Crane read Twilight and ripped out the worst parts of it and magnified them. Follow the jump if you dare:
As soon as stupid Caleb bonds with stupid Maggie, he becomes all overbearing and chauvinistic. She becomes the focus of all the attacks and she's the one that feels pain when they have to spend time apart. Essentially Maggie becomes the weak victim throughout until the very end when she ascends. But even then, her stupid all-powerful power is passive rather than active. She was like Bella except with a better back story. Lame. Of course Maggie being the adorable victim that she is, all the boys want her. Oh how horrible it must be to have three boys want to do you.... How terrible to be the object of everyone's affection. Did I mention it was long? It was freaking long! It just kept going and going and going. Oi. It kept feeling like there would be an ending and then there would be another chapter. And another... and another.... Sweet Moses. It was like a horrendous slow nightmare. I will be honest though, I read the entire thing. It was a struggle, but I did it because I kept thinking it would get better. Or at least end. But it did neither. There were some good things, that got me into the book before it went terrible wrong:
  1. Maggie's back story was wonderfully developed, her response to it was quite realistic and engaging. Too bad that ended within the first chapter.
  2. There was some nice cultural references that gave the story a sense of place.
  3. I can't think of anything else but I wanted three things on the list.
 And that's it. Only two things were good. The rest was just BAD! Really really bad. There is a sequel called Accordance. Pass.


  1. Finally someone has spoken up about what is bothering me with this novel. It wasn't bad in the beginning but it's going on & on.
    It is also reading like Twilight fan fiction IMO - right down to Twilight references. This seems like something that started from a Team Jacob fan girl and then evolved into what if Bella had chosen Jacob after all?
    Just typing that thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little.


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