Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spell Checkers by Jamie S. Rich, Nicolas iItori De, Joelle Jones

Jesse, Kimmie, and Cynthia have rules the school for as long as anyone can remember. They are perfect, smart, and have enough attitude and hate for their fellow man to make most superhero villains seem like amateurs. This could be because these three girls are witches, and they use their black magic to live the easy life. Until one day a graffiti artist starts tearing apart the girls' reputations. They are losing control of the sheep that some would call their peers and their powers are diminishing. *GASP!* As the bullying of the bullies gets worse, the girls start to turn on each other and things start becoming less perfect.

The characters in this book remind me of the characters in the Gossip Girl books (I haven't watched the TV series so I can't comment if they're similar, I know I can't believe it either). They are mean, spiteful, hateful, and beyond redemption. And they don't care, which perversely kind of delights me. They don't care that they've done horrible things, they don't care that they step all over the little people, the only thing that they care about is that they've got it made. No apologies. It helps that they happen to be clever, not book smart but clever. So when they eventually figure out what's going on, their revenge is kind of awesome.

I'm not going to say that I loved this, it had some things that were fine. The whole bitch thing got kind of old though. No qualities that made me like them enough to share in their gloat at the end. Do I think some people will read it and become addicted to it? Yes. Was that me? No.

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