Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Exhibits: Final Day

Oh I was good on Monday, the last day of the exhibits.  I didn't come back with a single book.  Not one!  We still saw a number of authors.

Lauren Myracle, author of many books for teens and tweens, including Love Ya Bunches.

Ingrid Law, author of Savvy and Scumble.

 Richard Peck, author of A Season of Gifts.

Francisco X. Stork, author Marcelo in the Real World and The Last Summer of the Death Warriors.

 Raina Telgemeier, author of Smile.

Monday was the last day, and the exhibits closed at 2:00. By 11:30, the librarians were growing restless! People were already starting to line up at publishers to try and snag some display copies. Having almost been crushed already, Anna and I had NO interest being around when that started, but we still had one stop to make. Anna had a couple graphic novels she wanted to buy from Top Shop. While there, we read through Chester 5000 by Jess Fink. An erotic robot Victorian Romance. It was AMAZING. And you can read it online.  It's wordless, and we stood there and read the whole thing, narrating it out loud. The Top Shop guy, who was adorably nerd chic, was highly amused, and also clearly familiar with the story because he kept interjecting things as we went along. It was a delightful end to the exhibits. Then we got out of there before things got crazy.

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