Monday, June 27, 2011

Great Graphic Novels for Girls Presentation!

We did it!  After a million years of preparation and Anna LOSING HER VOICE the day before, it was time for the presentation.  It went awesome.  I'm really happy with how it went and so happy that Anna was able to talk!  She's a trooper.  Things were a little disorganized, although it is the first time that YALSA was doing anything like this.  Hopefully next year things will be a little better.  There was something going on in the room we were supposed to be in right before, so they were still setting up at 4.  We started 15 minutes late, and there was some confusion as to where our handouts and things were.  Don't worry, they found them. 

Once things got going, it went very well.  We gave our presentation four times, and we had a group all four times and people were interested and receptive.  We got cut short during the fourth time, since we'd started late and someone else was using the room right after us.  A lot of people picked up our handout and business card, even though they didn't have time to hear us speak.

Yay us!  Man, I can't believe that we did it and it's over!  We will continue to add to and update our Great Graphic Novels for Girls web site, so let us know if you have suggestions!  We're thinking about starting one for middle grades too.


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