Sunday, June 12, 2011

Claire de Lune by Christine Johnson

It seems as if things are coming together for Claire, she's just turned sixteen, her birthday party is setting her up to actually be semi-popular/normal, and her long-time crush Matthew seems to be interested in her. Of course just as things seem to be going so well, it all goes to hell in a hand basket. Claire discovers that she's a werewolf and her emotionally distant mother now has high expectations for Claire's entry into the pack. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad if there hadn't been the recent murders committed by a werewolf in the town, maybe Claire could cope if she weren't dating the son of the scientist saying he is going to 'cure' the werewolf and rid the city of its menace, maybe she would feel better about this new phase in her life if her mother weren't keeping secrets. But let's be honest, probably not.

I love a good werewolf romance. The general balance between violence and love. Good times. And here I was with a book that had a new spin: the werewolf was a girl in this book and that she seemed to think for herself. There were a ton of elements that could've made this original. But it kind of wasn't. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't awesome. It kind of felt like eating fast food, it sounded like a good idea at the time but afterward you realize that it didn't really satisfy you and now you feel like you could've found something better.

Perhaps it was because it all seemed to have been done before: the forbidden sweet boy, the self-centered best friend, the heroine who doesn't seem to quite fit in, the emotionally distant parent, the fantatical opposition, and the mysterious attacks. It all seems to have been done, and it should mean that when it comes together it would make the perfect read but it came out a bit... adequate.

There are parts that I did really enjoy: Claire's exploration of her new abilities was quite enjoyable. I really liked the description of how Claire doesn't feel right in her body, all of a sudden her body felt foreign and what she used to be repelled by is what she wanted most. Well done. I liked Claire's mother Marie. Her character developed quite well and she was never unlikable, even when she was curt and standoffish. I really enjoyed how Marie and Claire's relationship evolved, it was somewhat subtle and natural.

Maybe that's what I didn't like, or at least didn't make me say wow. The emotions were so subtle, even at the end when it was supposed to be intense action the emotions were rather delicate. Huh. Something to ponder.

This is a rather short review, it was such an adequate book that I can't come up with many critiques or compliments. It was fine, let's just leave it at that.

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