Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleepless by Cyn Balog

Eron has been a Sandman for almost 100 years. Now he will have a chance to once again become human. But Eron is concerned about his replacement, Griffin. One of Eron's charges, Julia, was Griffin's girlfriend when he was alive. And Griffin is having a hard time letting go. A really, really hard time. Eron is not supposed to have contact with the people that were his charges when he becomes human, but he is worried about Julia. Not only that, but if Griffin can't fulfill his duties as Sandman, then Eron won't get another chance to be human for another 100 years.

This was ridiculous. In so many ways. First of all, I totally wasn't buying the fact that Eron was so confused about life in 2010. He's been putting his charges to sleep every night, and then just hanging out all day long. There wasn't any special Sandman place they went for the day. So you're telling me that when he becomes human again he's shocked by the clothes people are wearing and all the horseless carriages? You've been hanging around for 100 years and somehow haven't observed the changes? I don't think so.

Eron wasn't much better than Griffin or Brett in terms of possessiveness. All the guys in Julia's life were hell bent on her being "theirs." I wish I'd counted all the times someone said, "Your mine." Griffin was out-and-out crazy, despite the fact his and Julia's relationship in real life seemed to based on mockery and nothing else. Brett forced himself on her, like, the day after Griffin died, and Eron, while more attractive and certainly more polite, was just as possessive and protective as either of them. If they'd all just left her alone, Julia would have been doing just fine.

The ending was just silly. ::SPOILER STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT THE THRILLING CONCLUSION RUINED:: So Julia is taking her driving test, even though she hasn't slept at all the night before, very irresponsible Julia, and she gets in the car and off she goes and then Griffin makes Julia and the driver's test guy fall asleep. Because he's trying to KILL HER so that she'll be with him forever. And apparently the whole time they're having this dream conversation, Julia is, what, driving in circles around the parking lot while sleeping managing not to hit anything? And how did Eron wake her up from across the parking lot? And then Julia RUNS OVER ERON IN THE CAR, and somehow there are no legal repercussion taken? The next scene we see is Julia getting ready to leave for New York. And Griffin decides to be a good boy and do his Sandman job just because Chimere asked him to? He was just trying to KILL HIS GIRLFRIEND three seconds before so she won't date anyone else. END OF SPOILER::

Sorry Sleepless. You were just to patchy for me. Also, the book cover in no way relates to the book.

Sleepless came out July 13th.

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  1. The end of your article made me mad. "The book cover in no way relates to the book." Who cares about the book cover?! Seriously. The cover has nothing to do with how the book is written, and that's fine. Get over it. I thought it was a good book. It was very captivating.


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