Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Everyone: I apologize for being a slacker.

So I am aware that I have been neglecting my duties to share the library goings-on I've experienced in what I like to call "the off-season." It's summer vacation, right? Well, Anna so beautifully reminded me this weekend that a Wandering Librarian never rests! She's right, too. In reality, I've been reading "grown-up" books, which is a nice change from the sixth-grade-and-younger reading that usually consumes me (speaking of younger readers and being "consumed"...good lookin' at you, Gooney Bird Greene).

I'll be up and running at full-capacity tomorrow. In the meantime, the Old Spice Guy talks about libraries in a semi-genius social web ad campaign. Ah, to have the resources and cultural importance to pull something like that off...the possibilities...

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