Saturday, September 7, 2013


Chicago has a new hybrid school and public library.  From SLJ.

Watch the new trailer for The Book Thief.  From

Esther Earl, the girl who John Green dedicated The Fault in Our Stars to, will have a book of her writings released posthumously.  From USA Today.

This man proposed through a children book he hid in a library.  Awwww.  From The Globe and Mail.

Rita Williams-Garcia on writing about genital mutilation.  From The Guardian.

10 YA books that didn't cut it as movies.  From moviefone.

In Philadelphia, libraries still in flux.  From SLJ.

NYC school librarians hold protests to protect jobs.  From Library Journal.

Educators, parents fight NYC bid to bypass state mandate for school librarians.  From SLJ.

Young adult book quiz. Can you match the quote to the book?  From The Christian Science Monitor.

Trailer for How I Live Now. No release date yet.

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