Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rumors from the Boys' Room: A Blogtastic! Novel by Rose Cooper

A sequel to Gossip from the Girls' Room, Sofia is back, and this time she's determined that she's only going to blog about things she knows are completely true.  Unfortunately, she's still getting most of her information from overhearing other people talking around the school.  Sofia discovers that even when she's trying to tell only the facts, the way she goes about find things out might not be the most reliable.

The perfect book for your information literacy class.  Can't you just picture it?  We all read Rumors from the Boys' Room and talk about how people go about finding out information, and that just because it's then published online in no way confirms its accuracy.  Thanks Rose Cooper.

Anyway.  So this is short and cute.  Sofia has a blog through her school, and last time (in the last book), she got in trouble for posting things that weren't true.  Sofia is still determined to be the best blogger ever (thereby increasing her popularity), just this time she won't listen to gossip.  She still hasn't quite gotten a handle on how to go about finding reliable information.  Sometimes even when she observes things, she realizes that what she thought was happening wasn't actually what was happening at all.  For example, she reported on a big fight outside of the boys' room and ended up getting a bunch of kids in trouble.  They claimed all they were doing was demonstrating wrestling moves.

While Sofia is trying to be a blogger, she's also trying to help her friend Nona catch the eye of the new foreign exchange student, Lukas.  Unfortunately, Sofia's advice is to make Nona dress more girly, which then leads Lukas to become un-interested in her.  Sofia is also trying to get the attention of her long-time crush, Andrew, plus, her mother is pregnant and driving her crazy.

Poor Sofia.  She really is trying to help!  She's just totally clueless.

Rumors from the Boys' Room is an illustrated novel, as Sofia is supposedly taking notes (and drawing pictures) in her notebook so she'll be able to blog about things later.

Definitely a fun one for middle school girls.

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