Friday, November 4, 2011


Vintage covers of The Phantom Tollbooth.  The 2002 UK one is awful.  Actually, I don't like any of the ones that don't use Jules Fieffer's art.  From Flavorwire.

More Phantom Tollbooth inside information.  From SLJ.

Mo Willems' Zena Sutherland lecture, 'Why Books?'  From The Horn Book

The new movie posters for The Hunger Games!  Very dramatic.  I'm feeling better about Peeta.  Not so much with Gale.  From EW.

The Case of the Graveyard Book.  Repackaging young adult books for adults.  From PW.

OMG!  J.K. Rowling was thinking about killing off Ron!  So glad she didn't.  From The Guardian.

Thank goodness. The Occupy Wall Street coloring book is finally out.  From Time Magazine.

The worst consequences of literary teenage romances.  From Flavorwire.


  1. Hi, Arianna and Anna! Thank you for that link to Flavorwire's worst consequences of literary teenage romance which was bizarre but very entertaining. Twilight seemed tame compared to the other books on there. And plus that article introduced me to Sassy Gay Friend - hilarious!

    New follower~

    Stephanie ~Misfit Salon~

  2. Hello Stephanie! Glad you liked the link, Arianna is pretty great at it. Thanks for following us, you have a pretty fantastic blog yourself!


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