Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn: It's finally here!

It's that time once again, when all anyone can talk about is TwilightBreaking Dawn: Part One (sweet Moses we have to watch a part two, oi) is finally out. Of course the four of us are going to see it, we've come this far we have to see it out to the bitter end. We're starting early this year, so expect some sort of review sometime tomorrow early evening.

Who knows what to expect? For our friend Christina's sake I hope that it is the best thing ever. For my own sake I hope it's awesomely bad so I can giggle throughout. Regardless, you'll hear about it tomorrow.

 I am going to be honest and say that I can't do the movie review justice. So I'm going to make Arianna do it tomorrow. I will let you know that we thought the make up and acting has gotten better, but that doesn't mean that the movie is good. Jacob's chest is exposed within 15 seconds of the movie starting. The sex scene was built up for nothing.

Let me preface Ari's post with a little background information: in the past we've gone to the movie at night and out for drinks afterward. this was fine except we were all so tired that we didn't spend a ton of time together after the movie - something that we lamented the past three times we've gone. Not this time though, this time we had a plan. A plan that involved drinks.

We decided to meet before and have brunch, because if we were going to this movie we were going to be a little tipsy when we went. We went, had our meals, had our drinks and went to the theater. Arianna had brought us alcoholic candies to eat during the movie and we were planning to go out for drinks afterward. I would just like to state that we should have drank more prior to going to the movie...


  1. OK: it sure looks like I am going to have to start saving and make sure I have enough $ to take you to Breaking Dawn Part 2 (11/16/12 btw)! Where is the applause for romance? Where is the love for Edward? Where is the relief that you will not see penguins dancing? I saw it and my first thought was: wedding (especially the dress) was wonderful and (whew) I am so glad I read the book because if I had not, I would be wondering what was going on?!?! My favorite still is the first movie (going with Anna was part of the fun) but this movie is a better financed and directed one. Breaking Dawn, the book, is my least favorite of the series so I was prepared to not want to see it 6 times like the other movies. BUT, I was in sweet romance heaven and I give it 4 stars for that reason. :) p.s. did you stay for the credits? if not, you missed a scene from the next movie. OME, Christina

  2. This is why we need you Christina! We are jaded and cynical! We didn't stay for the credits, fie on that.

    But don't you agree that they totally didn't need to make it two movies?


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