Friday, July 22, 2011

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Amaryllis (Amy) Goodnight knows weird, she is a Goodnight after all and the Goodnights are a family of witches. She tries desperately to keep the families secrets secret and at least try to give the appearance of eccentric normal as opposed to paranormal. This is perhaps how she finds herself farm-sitting with her 'eccentric' sister; taking care of goats, bathing dogs, chasing cows out of the yard in her underwear, and trying to solve a mystery so a ghost can pass on to the afterlife. You know normal things that won't rouse suspicion.

So this was a fun little read. A real mystery tied in with a paranormal mystery. I really enjoyed the characters and the pop culture references. As on who has gone to grad school I sat there thinking, "I totally know a jackass like him!" Fun. Some parts were a bit predictable, but I enjoyed the fact that at least the romance part didn't end neatly. They have a rather contentious relationship and it was nice that they didn't necessarily end up boyfriend/girlfriend. It wasn't a neatly wrapped present.

I'm wondering if this will be a series. Some things are still left hanging, and I kind of like that. But then again I wouldn't mind finding out more information. Great characters, well developed plot. Mind-blowing? No. Highly enjoyable? Yes.

Texas Gothic came out July 12.

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