Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did you know Harry Potter 7 Part 2 is coming out this Friday?

Or do you live in a hole? We Wandering Librarians have been waiting for this movie for quite some time and with quite some anticipation (I'm almost as excited for this movie as I am for the Hobbit to come out). So of course we're going, though not on opening night. I'm visiting family and Jamie is in Paris. So if you haven't seen it by the 19th, that's when our review will be coming out.

Just to heighten the excitement, I thought that I'd share this article from MN public radio. Harry Potter's music has become pretty iconic, so we should be expecting good things.


  1. I am completely living under a rock but I DIDN'T KNOW until last week about it. I...don't know how this happened. Media black out caused by young children? I know all the happenings on Richard Scarry, though!

  2. Love it. My 3D tix have been bought! Boo yeah!

  3. I am SO excited for tonight - I can't wait to see how they end it!


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