Friday, July 15, 2011

News: Harry Potter Edition

MTV had a contest to find the most loved Harry Potter character.  Guess who wins?

A slide show of all that Harry Potter has given to pop culture.

Watch the stars of Harry Potter try and talk American, part two.  Tom Felton is adorable.

Check out the no-longer-live feed from the Harry Potter premier in Trafalgar Square.

Emma Watson's speech at the Harry Potter premier.  Awwww.

Wait, what?  Didn't J.K Rowling swear she wasn't writing any more Harry Potter books?

Loyalty!  Your thing is loyalty!  Poor Hufflepuffs.

Harry Potter the video game.   Harry Potter the clothing line.  It's taking over everything!

Behind-the-scene look at the Gringotts break-in.  I loved seeing all the goblins getting their makeup done!

And something for the adult readers: Harry Potter themed drinks! The Neville Longbottom sounds fantastic.

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