Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fury by Elizabeth Miles

Over winter break, Emily finally acts on her feelings for Zach.  Unfortunately, he's her best friend Gabby's boyfriend.  Chase did something bad, and now a girl has tried to take her own life.  Both Emily and Chase start seeing three strange girls.  Sometimes being sorry isn't enough.

So first of all, I was really glad that this wasn't another book that made it seem cheating on people is OK if you're really meant to be together.  I hate those books.  What a lousy message to send.  It seemed like it was going that way at first.  Em is all swoony over Zach.  He really gets her.  She's sure they have something special and precious and so on.  Gabby, her best friend forever, is at first made out to seem silly and clingy and focused on unimportant things like clothes and hair, while Em is more thoughtful.  Therefore, Gabby is undeserving and Em totally has a right to hook up with her boyfriend.  It didn't say that, but I was getting that vibe.

Even though Em feels totally terrible about it and knows how hurt Gabby will be, she gets with Zach anyway.  Zach promises he will break up with Gabby when she gets back from vacation.  It turns out that Zach is a jerk (duh, of course he's a jerk) who was just using Em and has cheated on Gabby multiple times.  Em at first doesn't want to acknowledge this, but then realizes it's true.  And for some reason she's all surprised that a guy who would cheat on his girlfriend to hook up with her has cheated on his girlfriend before.

So I was rather glad at the twist this book took.  That this relationship that Em thought was so special and wonderful was actually just being cruel to her best friend and got her nowhere.  And then the Furies show up.  Now the Furies originally showed up because Chase had been very cruel to a girl who had been mean to him.  Chase and Sasha used to be close.  They both lived in the trailer park.  But than Sasha's family was able to move out of the trailer park, and she ditched Chase.  When Chase had the chance to get back at her, he took it and Sasha was humiliated.  Then she tried to kill herself.  She didn't succeed, and managed to summon the Furies to take her revenge.  Now a Chase finds himself being humiliated just as Sasha was.

Since the Furies were in town, I guess they were looking for other people to take revenge on and they begin to target Em.  This only kind of made sense.  And it made more sense at the very end.  But through most of the book I was wondering things like, "There aren't any other people in this town doing questionable things?"  "Why, if Chase's punishment fits the crime, are they trying to kill Em?  That doesn't fit the crime at all."  "Why aren't they going after Zach?"  Most of these questions were answered by the end.

It was an enjoyable read.  I definitely wanted to see how it would all come out.  The characters themselves weren't especially exciting, but the story was engaging enough that I wanted to keep reading and figure out what Gabby would do when she got home and what was the terrible thing Chase did and so on.

Fury comes out August 30 and is the first in a series.

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  1. The fact that the book indeed drew me in made me wanting for more. There're also some lessons to be learned from the story obviously; be nice or face the consequences. I quite loved the twist at the ending and am looking forward to reading the second book.


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