Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black Pearls: A Faerie Strand by Louise Hawes

More fairy tales!  These fairy tales take on familiar stories, but look at them from an unexpected perspective.  We learn what was really going on with the "witch" from Rapunzel, what happened after Cinderella married the prince, and many more.

Like Red Spikes, these stories were dark, violent, and often sad.  They weren't as dark, violent and sad though.  I preferred these to Red Spikes.  I liked having a base for the story already, and then reading a new interpretation of them.  This has been done many times before, certainly, but I still enjoyed these.

Different things were done for each story.  For Dame Nigran's Tower, we learn about the witch, who really isn't a witch, and how she ended up with Rapunzel.  We understand he fierce love for her, and Rapunzel's ultimate betrayal.  In Ashes, the prince falls in love with Cinderella because she's so unlike all the other highborn ladies, but after they're married she changes.  She demands the death of her stepsisters and stepmother and the prince doesn't know what to do.  Not all the stories changed very much.  Pipe Dreams, which was about the story of the pipe piper of Hameln, was told by the boy on the crutch.  We got some different perspective, but there wasn't really a whole lot different about that one.

I liked that most of the stories show how what "really" happened got twisted into the story that we've come to know today.  There was also some really beautiful illustrations.

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