Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Festering Romance by Renee Lott

Janet is a bit socially adrift. She's not really close to anyone and doesn't choose to engage with anything around her. And really why should she? Her best friend Paul lives with her and is always there to make sure she has all the company she needs. The only problem is that Paul is a ghost, he died when they were eight and he hasn't moved on. It isn't until Janet is forced on a blind date with Derek that her perception of how she lives changes. All of a sudden she wants to connect with another person that's alive! The only problem? Derek has a ghost of his own, Carol, and Janet is having a problem confessing that Paul's still hanging around.

This story was rather sweet. I was truly drawn in to the relationship between Janet and Derek and Janet and Paul. I didn't much care for Carol, but I don't think I was intended to so that's fine. Generally this was a rather cute romance, with some actual emotional depth (shocking!) in regards to relationships romantic and platonic and how we deal with death. This could have been a rather simplistic and boring story, but it had some great little character traits, Derek is a guide on a night-time ghost tour, and the ghosts were pretty wonderful. Quick and adorable.

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