Thursday, March 31, 2011


Librarians who Lead. From DistrictAdministration

New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award Finalists. From GalleyCat.

How publishers can attract young boys. From GalleyCat.

HarperCollins, imbee and NFFTY are having a national film contest. The contest "tasks aspiring filmmakers with executing their film vision of select chapters from author Michael Grant's The Magnificent 12 book series for tweens." From HarperCollins.

Does having online abbreviations in the dictionary mean they're OK to use in formal writing? Also, did you know that OMG first appeared in a letter in 1917? Fascinating.

People are still challenging Catcher in the Rye? Also, it's the "strongest material" the district representative has ever read? He must not read very much. From Crossville Chronicle.

Hold the phone. Jennifer Garner is going to be Miss Marple? But...what...that just doesn't make any sense. From

Now that we know who Katniss is, who oh who will play Peeta? Also, Suzanne Collins says she's quite happy with the choice of Jennifer Lawrence. From

The Children's Choice Book Awards finalist are in. Don't forget to vote.

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