Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tim Green: Reading is weightlifting for your brain

Tim Green is a writer, lawyer, and used to play for the Falcons as an NFL lineman. He has written nine books for kids, with two more coming out in the spring and fall, and one autobiographical book for adults. He gave a somewhat motivational/self-promotional speech about reading and how it betters the characters and minds of children.

Really great message not well implemented. He did a nice job tying it in to sports and his own experiences, but poor Tim has had one too many hits to the head. There were a couple times that he lost his train of thought, and his stories tended to wander. He also had a lot of stories about running until he puked, concussions and badly bruised heads, and sticking needles into knees (which we learned about during lunch). Gross. On a positive note, he would be a wonderful school speaker. He has a great demeanor that would really connect with kids of ALL ages. He has a fantastic passion for reading, education, and how this affects a person as a whole. Nice.

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