Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hunger Games roundup.  From the Washington Post.

What?  The Hunger Games already previewed in Los Angeles?  No fair!  From the Huffington Post.

In the UK, The Hunger Games lost seven second to make it more teen friendly.  From Deadline London.

How The Hunger Games appeals to everyone, from teen girls and boys to adult men.  From the Wall Street Journal.

The Hunger Games from page to screen.  From PW.

Hey!  Pottermore is officially launching in April!  Finally!  From Cambio.

Cute!  Free customized "go away I'm reading" book covers.  From GalleyCat.

Four YA authors share their secrets.  From Bullet Media.

Scholastic launches a new digital platform.  From PW.

Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes to be a movie.  From Entertainment Weekly.

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